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Content: 30 ml
Isopentyl Nitrite - CAS 463-04-7
N-Pentanol - 71-41-0

The Radikal Rush poppers is now available with a new XL bottle containing 30 ml of pure bliss so you can enjoy longer-lasting sessions and more pleasure in bed! Try this incredible pentyl nitrite aroma, guaranteed to bring you to drool with pleasure and leave you satisfied!

Open the bottle and let its sexy and relaxing aroma fill the room and reach you so you will instantly feel naughty and in the mood for action. Have your favorite porn, some lube and your best toys hand and you'll be able to enjoy some of the most satisfying sessions whether masturbating solo or playing with your partner.

The Radikal Rush poppers in the new XL format will let you experience really intense sensations so that you can relax and kiss your taboos and inhibitions goodbye.

Your sexual adventures are about to get wild and excessive, heightening your senses and prolonging your orgasms, making them more explosive thanks to the Radikal Rush poppers!

Product details:
✓ Fresh new batch of poppers
✓ Ultra strong formula
✓ 30 ml of pure bliss
✓ New XL format bottle
✓ Ultra pure and stabilised pentyl
✓ Powerful effects and amazing sessions
✓ With safety cap
✓ Reduces leakage and evaporation


by Push Poppers
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